Equal marriage in the Constitution

President Peña Nieto during the IDAHO event on May 17 at Los Pinos

President Peña Nieto during the IDAHO event on May 17 at Los Pinos


On May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), President Enrique Peña Nieto became the first President of Mexico to receive members of the LGBTQ community in his residence, Los Pinos.

That same morning, President Peña Nieto also announced an initiative that would make equal marriage constitutional in all 32 states of Mexico.

You can find the complete initiative HERE.

You may also find an article that I published a couple of days later, HERE.


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Web series against bullying

On set - Bullying series


For the past few months, I have been directing a web series against bullying and discrimination. We shot our pilot “Porcelain” at the beginning of April with a fantastic crew that worked relentlessly throughout the pre production process and particularly during the two day shoot on a weekend.

Our goal is to shoot 12 more episodes of this series, which will be targeting audiences across Latin America.

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About Me

I like to think that I have a cosmopolitan family. Among the five of us, we have lived in all seven continents at one point or another. I have personally resided in four countries: Canada, France, the United States and, of course, Mexico.

Having grown up among such a rich mélange of languages, cultures and perspectives, it has always been natural for me to look for answers beyond the borders of a city or a country.

This multicultural background also paved the way for me to study Political Science and Public Administration, intrigued by how certain policies can make a difference between reuniting families and splitting them apart; on how they can either promote economic mobility, or perpetuate polarization; on how they can eradicate hate or reinforce discrimination.

From then onwards, I have compiled a broad portfolio of experiences that have nurtured my political and policy analysis abilities, media and communication skills, and understanding of the political, electoral and constitutional intricacies of the Mexican –and others– political systems.

My work has spanned the design of policies to guarantee financial inclusion at CONDUSEF, the Mexican Agency in charge of protecting financial service users; very sensitive strategic and lobbying work at Estrategia Total, one of Mexico’s most distinguished political analysis firms; and now as an advisor to the Secretary of the Interior, where I bring together everyday my wide skillset in order to further the Mexican government’s work on Human Rights.

In particular, for the past nineteen months I have taken part in many of the country’s most critical moments, including the collaboration process with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights regarding the case of Ayotzinapa, as well as the design of a work path to ratify Convention 189 of the International Labor Organization.

In parallel, I have worked to advance the LGBTQ agenda in Mexico, a cause that is deeply rooted in my heart. On that matter, I have written columns in some of the country’s most prestigious blogs and newspapers; I have assisted on specific cases regarding marriage equality; and most recently, I directed the pilot for a web series to stop bullying. The series will go on to have 13 episodes and it has been produced to reach youth across Latin America.

I believe that the current international context, in which a volatile world economy along with many other social phenomena seem to be propelling chauvinistic political discourses, also calls for more prepared professionals, ready to prove the validity of Human Rights at a practical level. Realizing this has spawned my interest in strengthening my skills as a specialist, in order to provide a multinational perspective to the design and implementation of Human Rights policies in Mexico.


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